Soulbay Records

There’s a band in the garage, making lots of noise Making wizzy kind of music, cos they’re wizzy kind of boys…

A ramshackle four–piece. The Removalists who have been gigging on and off for the last two years are set to finally condemn their lo-fi masterpieces to vinyl. They are entering the studio to record their first EP “Surfquake” for Soul Bay Records. It features three original tracks Band in the Garage, Blue, Napalm Shakedown and a blistering version of The Ramones Classic Rockaway Beach.

Johnny Langney – Vox, Guitar
Fat Frank Andrews – Guitar, Vox
Drew Merryweather - Vox, Guitar
Paul Metcalfe – Bass
Steve Green – Drums

The Removalists Top Ten
1. I Fought the Law - The Clash
2. Beyond Good & Evil - The Pop Group
3. Biff Bang Pow - The Creation
4. Essence Rare - Gang of Four
5. Babe I'm on fire - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
6. Lucifer Sam - Pink Floyd
7. Smash it Up - The Damned 
8. Louie Louie - The Kingsmen
9. Shake - Small Faces 
10. Psycho - The Sonics

Johnny Langney's 2004
Best Album - Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks
Best Single - London, England by The Echotones
Best Gig - Arthur Lee's Love
Most memorable night - joining Arthur on stage for a ragged rendition of 'Psychotic Reaction'

Film - The Incredibles
DJ - John Peel
Best dressed - Oscar Wilde
Worst dressed - Drew Merryweather
Villain - George W Bush
Hero - James Bond

Fat Frank a frettin'

The Removalists - English - Pop - Psychedelia - Rickenbacker - Jangly Guitar