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Update 28th July 2006

The Professor has teamed up with our old friends Herbal Love and will be gigging this summer. Dates to follow, for further information please e-mail

Update 5th January 2006

First up, Happy New Year from all at SoulBay. We wish all our friends and enemies alike a wonderful 2006. Let's make it...Splendid!

"Who's yer Daddy?"

The Removalists Plenty! + The Winter of Love.
APF England winning the Ashes. Chelsea winning the Premiership. The gig in Queens Wood.
Metcalfe Meeting old friends, settling old scores and recording in Memphis.
The Stout Brogues Signing for SoulBay (almost), stuffing the Aussies.
The Professor "I'm still here"
Smoker Yoga


The Removalists A couple of bad trips.
APF Tony Blair, George W Bush, Iraq, David Cameron & Liverpool winning Champions League.
Metcalfe Failing to get a record out, discovering God.
The Stout Brogues The failure of the BBC to bring back "A bit of Fry & Laurie"
The Professor "It's been slow"
Smoker The Health Service

Watch this space for some exciting new SoulBay developments (providing we get out of the pub and get round to actually doing them this year)

Update 9th September 2005

The Stout Brogues in-line to sign for Soulbay

Industry rumours abound that Soulbay Records are about to announce the signing of The Stout Brogues to the small Sussex label. The Stone
Cross/Pevensey based three-piece, whose gentle ballads and Kinks like reminiscences of a bygone era fused with a cutting modern cynicism are creating a big stir amongst the major labels. Despite a flotilla of A&R men heading south it seems The Stout Brogues are going to take the local option. Lead Vocalist and Guitarist Jardine explains "Providing they can get their act together I think we'll go with Soulbay for the first single". Soulbay were contacted today for comment but apparently were "too busy watching the cricket to confirm or deny the speculation".

Update 29th July 2005

Dateline August 2005


It's been a slow start to the new year. However, the good news is that
APF is putting his final touches to his first album for the label. The
working title is "All Quiet on the Eastbourne Front". We are still
finalising distribution details it is hoped that a 12" single will
precede the albums release, although it is not known which tracks will
appear on it (and even if they will appear on the album!). However, we
do have provisional track listing for the album. Full track details to

1) Edge of Nowhere
2) Seven Sisters
3) Band in the Garage
4) Cling to me (My Melancholy Baby)
5) Lo-fly
6) Manhattan Skyline
7) The Last Wave
8) English Whimsy
9) Santiago
10) (Hey, Girl!) I know that you are still out there
11) Meander
12) Last train from Soulbay
13) B.O.Y.H.O.O.D.
14) If you really think that war is the answer!
15) Anglo-Franks Alliance
16) Rockaway Beach

New Artist at Soulbay!!

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new artist to our ever growing catalogue of talent. Click here to listen to a couple of tracks by our new signing Smoker.

Update 21st January 2005

2004 What was that all about?

The Instigater - Ziggy Zooko
The Removalists - Supporting Arthur Lee, going to Thailand, drinking lots, looking good. APF - None Metcalfe - finishing the album, meeting Elvis, walking on water

The Instigater - Finally admitting it was all over.
The Removalists - John Peel RIP and the inability to get our bloody records out! APF - Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Straw and all the other bloodthirsty, oil grabbing brutalists (!) + less we forget John Peel RIP Metcalfe - Too many to mention but Bush & Peel top the list.

It's been a bit of a topsy-turvy year for everyone on the label. We have struggled to secure decent distribution. So, apologies for the hundreds of you who have not been able to lay your hand some quality Soul Bay product! Also a massive sorry to our artists!

Thanks to Tiggy and Bill's sterling efforts however, the backlog on processing all mail applications has been resolved. We are now wading through all the various demos that survived the office fire!

Also we sadly have to report the demise of The Instigater! who finally called it a day. But hopefully with the old masters found in the back cupboards at the soul bay offices some rare dub plates will be out for public consumption soon. When asked about it the Professor said "it's a bit like Ernie the fastest milkman in the west, a hot tesco pie got him in the eye and the little Thai one bit the dust. However a phoenix is rising from the flames in the shape of Ziggy Zooko who with The Steppas Crew in the Bourne will be out and about in 2005, so watch this space".

So on that positive note, we also hope to be able to have downloads available early in the new year, so you'll soon be able to skank down the street all I-podded and Soul Bay'd Up!

Until the new year love to all of you wonderful people! Be cool, be calm, get elected! Peace & Love Soul Bay December 2004

Update 16th July 2004

Soul Bay recording artist apf is due to preview material from his as yet untitled first album at The Big Fallen Tree, Queens Wood, Muswell Hill Road, London N10 on Saturday 24th. He is then due to go on tour in September supporting The Franks Inquiry and Che Guevara's Scars. For more details please contact us at

Update 22nd March 2004

FAT FRANK live at the PNUK Night 

Fat Frank (
The Removalists) and the Soul Bay Sound System will be DJ'ing along with Pete Stormcrow at the PNUK Night, The Foundry, Old Street, London EC1 - Thursday 25th March, 8 till late. Expect such delightful sounds as ACR, 23 Skidoo, Cabaret Voltaire and other Punk/Funk superheroes. 


METCALFE signed 

Soul Bay are delighted to have signed new band
Metcalfe. More news to follow... 

Update 2nd January 2004

Professor Live with Herbal Love

Herbal Love are playing live at Komedia Klub (Brighton) on 10th Jan 2004 and they will be joined onstage by
The Instigater!s very own Professor Dallawayja. The Doors open at 7.30pm and the band are due onstage at 9.00pm. Tickets are priced £7/£5 (conc). You can order direct from the Box Office or via

Update 1st January 2004

Here's hoping for a peaceful and joyous 2004

Update 8th October 2003

The Removalists announce their new line up.

Since the departure of drummer Eric Blair and the continued absence of Drew Merryweather. The Removalists have announced two new members who will be joining original members Fat Frank Andrews (Guitar) & Paul Metcalfe (Bass). The new guitarist/vocalist is former Echotone Johnny Langney and the new drummer is Steve Green.
Fat Frank made the announcement from the bands rehearsal studio. " Drew is still a member of the band but we don't envisage him gigging with us in the future. His time away has taken a huge toll on him. We are delighted that Johnny has agreed to join the good guys. He is a top guitarist and we always wanted him the band right from the beginning. Steve is a great drummer, which will make a change for us. We can't wait to plug in and make noise again."

The band have already written loads of new songs including "Modern Pop Classic", "I wanna be rolling again", "Don't mess me about, I know she's somewhere in this house", "Helen Back", "The Great William Blake", "The Soul of Paris", "About Sixish" & " The Astonishing Mr Sinisters Chocolate Covered Sunglass Emporium".

Update 19th May 2003

Advanced copies of THIS IS SOUL BAY the new album from 
The Instigater! can now be bought for £6.99 (inc P&P) via this website or tracks can be downloaded from

It is hoped to have a full description of all tracks from the band within the next two weeks. Keep your eyes peeled on the site for this.

Please note that the CD contains 2 bonus tracks + all the lovely Chatri graphics that are not available from

Also as a special treat LAST TRAIN TO SOUL BAY is now available for £3.99 along with GHETTO BABYLON for £2.25 (inc P&P) or a special offer of the pair for £5.OO (inc P&P). Can you please add this to the  Chatri Art Page

Update 7th May 2003

The big news is that The Instigater! have been bombarding the airwaves across the globe 'Last Train to Soul Bay' has been played in every continent and the band have been getting some fantastic reviews. See their page. And even more importantly the first Instigator album 'This is Soul Bay' is now finished. Go to the Instigater page to check out the Chatri designed sleeve and to get a bit more info on the album.

As you can see things have been changing here on the website. We now have a suitably mellow look to the site now (many thanks to Paul at  for his tireless work and attention to detail!). We hope you like it, please contact us at  and let us know what you think. In the meantime, why not have a bit of a meander around the web site.

Update 1st May 2003

Eric Blair leaves The Removalists

Press release:
"After a number of months of inactivity (due in the main to Drew's current incarceration at Her Majesty's pleasure), I can announce I have officially left
The Removalists. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time but all good things come to an end."

The remaining members of the band have yet to make any comment. However, with Drew's impending release it is hoped that some clarity over the band's future will be reached soon. 

Update 30th August 2002

Chatri Arts' first solo LP 'Phones and Guns' is now available directly via this website along with the new Instigater single 'Last train to SoulBay'.

Update 12th April 2002
A vibrant blur of Dub & Ska, "Last train to Soul Bay' is the second release by The Instigator on south coast label Soul Bay Records.

The Instigater are an organic dub collective built around the original duo of Professor Dallawayja (Vocals, Melodica and 'the knowledge') and Chatri Art (Vibes and the groove). Last train to Soul Bay also features a couple of guests in Herbman Dan (Toasting) & Ruby Rose Benjamin (Queen of the fairies, Sax & flute). Last train to Soul Bay brings Ska into the new century with a trippy dance vibe. The pre-12" dub plate has already been mashing up the dancefloor wherever The Instigator Sound System have been laying down the law and the extended live version has stirred up a storm at the numerous festivals The Instigator played last summer.

Update 20th November 2001


Thanks to all those who turned up for the Soul Bay Party. A fine time was had by all. The Instigator played another cracking set. DJ's Big Al,
Fat Frank, DJ JC & Pete Stormcrow all turned in stonking sets and even Flash The Golden Rivetter was seen to be strutting his stuff.

Update 1st October 2001


The Instigator will be playing live at the Soul Bay Birthday Party gig on Saturday 10th November at the Stone Cross Memorial Hall. DJ's for the gig will include Fat Frank from The Removalists, Big Al from Dig these Feet plus a couple of surprise guests for more details & ticket information contact Soul Bay via or by calling The Professor on 01323 644585.

The new 12" from The Instigator Sound System is currently being remixed and is scheduled for release soon. Please contact for more information.

Compilation featuring live and studio recordings from Eastbourne's finest 80's funk outfit, Review to follow on The Hip Troop page. Now available as a limited edition CD from Soul Bay Records, 13 Langney Green, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN23 6HY. Price £10.00 + £2.50 P&P (UK), £6.00 (Europe & Rest of the World). Please apply by post stating clearly the cd you require and the quantity, cheque payable to "A.Franks - Soul Bay". Please allow 28 days for delivery.

The masters of one-take low fi shambolics unleash their second Long Player, Review to follow on The Removalists page. Now available as a limited edition CD from Soul Bay Records, 13 Langney Green, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN23 6HY. Price £10.00 + £2.50 P&P (UK), £6.00 (Europe & Rest of the World). Please apply by post stating clearly the cd you require and the quantity, cheque payable to "A.Franks - Soul Bay". Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Update 21st August 2001

The Instigater! ARE PLAYING EARTH SPIRIT ON TUESDAY 28TH AUGUST AT 10.00PM AT ERIDGE NR TUNBRIDGE WELLS. The Professor and Chatri are once again playing at the Earth Spirit Festival. They'll be airing a number of new tracks including the prospective new single 'Last Train to Soul Bay'.

More news about
The Instigater!'s new single, The Removalists debut LP, The Hip Troop compilation LP and THE CANDYS Debut single to follow... Also Dowloadable MP3's of The Instigater! and The Removalists featuring Soulbay mixes to come soon. 

Also THE SOULBAY SOUNDSYSTEM will be playing the dreamfields festival in Ross-on-Wye this Saturday 25th August. E-mail for details.

Update 21st June 2001



Update 12th June 2001

The Instigater! Sound System are now confirmed to play on SATURDAY 16TH JUNE 2PM TO 7PM at the Redoubt Fortress, The Seafront, Eastbourne, East Sussex. The Instigater will be playing a small set in addition to DJ'ing and doing the sound for the whole 5 hours. Apart from the sounds of the magnificent Instigater. There will be the regular CRAFT STALLS, BEER TENT, MORE INFO 01323 768808.

Update 23rd May 2001

The Instigater! will play on Saturday 25th at the Earth Spirit Festival, which runs from 25th-28th May. Earth Spirit Festival - Eridge nr Tunbridge Wells. Featuring other bands such as Herbal Love, Erko and Deep Mambo. The whole 3 days of the festival costs £50 and there's loads of stuff going on as well as the music (incl. BELLY DANCERS, PALM READERS, INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE ETC.) The Instigater! are also confirmed to play on SATURDAY 16TH JUNE 2PM TO 7PM at the REDOUBT FORTRESS (CHARITY EVENT), Eastbourne. Apart from the downtown top ranking Instigater, there will be a number of bands + the regular CRAFT STALLS,BEER TENT, MORE INFO 01323 768808. More details on this site when available.

Update 21st May 2001

NEWS FLASH...NEWS FLASH The Instigater! will be playing their own roots military brand of dub reggae at The Earth Spirit Festival on this Saturday (26th May). More details to follow on this page or contact or

News Soulbay Records first release will be GHETTO BABYLON/GHETTO DUB by The Instigater! - Release date will be 1st May 2001. It will be available in 7” 45rpm format. It should be available from all good record stores or available via this web site.

The Removalists are entering the Studio in May to record their first EP.

Soul Bay Records are planning to release a CD collection of some classic material from the early 80’s Eastbourne funk pop outfit The Hip Troop to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the band. Original band members are currently finalising the tracks, writing sleeve notes, collating pictures, having cups of coffee and sneaking outside for a quick fag. The plan is to release it through this web site only. If you have any anecdotes, photo’s, live bootlegs please contact The Hip Troop.

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