Soulbay Records


An eight piece band from the Cuckmere Delta are Soul Bay Records latest signing. Metcalfe are a mixture of blue-eyed British soul and a gentle dose of Tennessee Twang. Songwriting duties are shared between the main axis of the group brothers Steven and Tom Shinewater. Metcalfe are currently planning their first British tour dates to be announced shortly. It is timed to coincide with the release of their first album provisionally entitled 'The Devil and the Deep Blue' of which more news soon. The line up is as follows:-

Steven Shinewater - Guitar, Vox 
Tom Shinewater - Bass, Vox 
Kevin Meads - Guitar, Vox 
Bruce Tupping - Keyboards 
Fletcher Chambers - Slide/Pedal Steel 
Lance Jenson - Drums 
Nathan Boyne - Guitar 
Guy de Mer - Harmonica, Vox 

Metcalfe's Mighty Moments 
1. Try a little Tenderness - Otis Redding 
2. Long Black Veil - Johnny Cash 
3. Ingrid Bergman - Woody Guthrie 
4. Grumpus - Lambchop 
5. Rescue Me - Fontella Bass 
6. Burning Skin and Broken Bones - The Voltaires 
7. Bolt - The Anderson Council 
8. She sure can't help you now - Blind Sonny Stevenson 
9. Let the sails out gently - June Lee Tate 
10. Yeah, Yeah, Whatever! - The Saffronaires 

Fletcher Chambers' 2004
Best Album - Aw c'mon/no you c'mon by Lambchop
Best Single - Nature Boy by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Best Gig - The Tupelo Gods/Vince Yardley and The Polite Young Men /The Mighty Blues

Most memorable night - with a knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork
Films - Badlands/Vanishing Point
DJs - JP RIP, Andy Anthrax
Best dressed - Gram Parsons
Worst dressed - Condoleeza Rice
Villain - The bloke that nicked my girlfriend
Hero - Tom Waits

APF - Acoustic Guitar - Angry - Folk - Soulbay - Anti War - Protest & Survive