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Boyhood is a state of mind…
Eastbourne’s finest pop group. A 7-piece funk/pop group whose innovative and stylish blend of funk/soul & Jazz set the South Coast alight in the early 80’s. The band have long since split. However, most of the band members have continued in the music business....

Pete is finally about to release his first album under the Stormcrow moniker on Adjust Your Head for more information see Pete's superb all seeing, all knowing website

Chris from Heptet has also got a CD out as Blaubac will put up more details as soon as we can get hold of him.

Liz & Darren went on to form Pocket Size. They have produced some wonderful pop music, their first album 100% Human is still available, so go and hunt down a copy now. Unfortunately it was only released in the states. It's a crying shame that it didn't take off first time. As a point of interest, the sleeve was designed by former Hip Trooper Julie.

Andy has been working with The Removalists and is currently in the studio with The Echotones.

Nat was last heard of playing in Rupert's 7-piece indie funk outfit, which he has subsequently left Mezzrow check them out at their rather groovy website

Hip Troop  Music

Friday to Sunday (Live @ The Tivoli).m4a

To catch a thief (Live @ The Tivoli).m4a

Monday's Bible (Live @ The Tivoli).m4a

Woman's hips (Live @ The Tivoli).m4a

Tread the line (Live @ The Tivoli).m4a
The Hip Troop

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