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APF is to release his first solo single with a provisional release date of Monday 9th June:

APF'If you really think war is the answer' b/w 'Anglo-Franks Alliance'/'I don't think anyone is driving this car' is due to be released as a limited edition 7" single.

This is a precursor to a full solo album pencilled in to be released in the Autumn. The A-side is a straight forward, good old fashioned protest song. A cry of unequivocal anger at the madness of war. The B-sides are just simply B-sides. Andy says "It's my own little protest, a heartfelt shout against the stupidity of it all. You are never too old to protest, you are never too old to say this is all wrong. I accept it will change nothing but that is no reason to stay silent". Any proceeds from the sale of this single will go to

The first pressing of "If you really think that war is the answer" has sold out. Thanks to all who bought it and apologies to those unlucky souls who missed out. Don't worry though APF is hoping to have more copies available soon. Don't forget to check this page for details.


APF's 2004
Best Album - Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Best Single - For Lovers by Wolfman
Best Gig - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Most memorable night - Chelsea knocking Arsenal out of the Champions League
Film - Layer Cake
DJs- John Peel, Pete Stormcrow and Big Ears
Best dressed - The Daffy Duck Commando Squad
Worst dressed - The Darkness
Villain - Anyone who voted for Bush or is contemplating voting for Blair, Howard or Kennedy

Hero - John Peel

"never too old to protest..."

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