Soulbay Records

Soul Bay Records was formed on a hot day in September 2000. The aims of the company are simple. To spread the word. To be a force. To ride the eternal wave. To find the edge. To raise a smile. To blow your mind. To quench your thirst. To flood your dreams. To surf your soul. Quite Simply To be there for you when the sun comes up and when the tide goes out.

The artists on the label are a sumptuous mix of old & new. To begin at the middle. The Instigater are arch masters of a hypnotic blend of Dub, Roots,Reggae. Think of Augustus Pablo jamming with Jimi Hendrix. King Tubby & The Clash, The Ruts and Glen Brown, constantly cooking up a mellow brew in their Studio. Unleashing a dazzling array of Remixes, burning their grooves onto vinyl. They are true spirits, real gone Punk, Funk Hippies. Dropping massive Melodica and phat beats! A mad mix of Sly & Robbie meeting Dr Who under the wistful gaze of Soul II Soul...The Removalists are three chord wonders with wah-wah peddles and a passion for word play, bi-planes and Last Trains...The Hip Troop were quite simply the best band ever to come out of the Eastbourne eighties soul explosion... APF is not happy... Chatri Art delivers more albums per week than HMV. All in all this happy band of South Coast pioneers, relax in their love of music and pulse to the rhythm of life = The Sun, Sea & the Sand

Soulbay Records - dub - roots - reggae - soul - vinyl - punk - funk hippies - eastbourne